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The Exams Service – CIS OFFICE (G37)

Within the CIS Office (G37) the Exams Service administers the arrangements for all internal examinations.  The CIS Office (G37) is located close to reception and is only accessible to students via the CIS Hatch, unless accompanied by a staff member. The opening times are Mon-Thurs 08:30-09:00, 10:45-11:15, 12:00-14:00 and 16:00-16:30 Fri 08:30-09:00, 10:45-11:15, 12:00-14:00. All telephone queries should be made direct to reception.

Curriculum Leaders make decisions in terms of student entries and students should refer to the appropriate manager of their course for general information about when assessments are planned to take place.

Examination entries, times and seating plans are published and displayed on boards close to the CIS Office, as well as being communicated through course leaders and teachers at appropriate times.

Summer A level, AS level, BTEC level 3 and other level 3 results are usually available on the third Thursday of August from 08:00 in the Regent Diner.  GCSE and all other results are usually available on fourth Thursday of August from 10:00 also in the Regent Diner.

Exam certificates are available from December 2017 once received from the relevant examination bodies.  Click here for guidance on how to collect exam certificates.

Summer results collection

AS and A level results availble from Thursday 17th August 2017. Click here for Advanced Level updates

Click here for Advanced Level updates 

GCSE results available from Thursday 24th August 2017. Click here for Level1 and Level 2 updates


All students are notified of the arrangements for this prior to leaving at the end of the Summer Term, but it is important to note that identification is required when collecting results in person.  The college ID card or a form of photographic ID are the most appropriate for this purpose.

Important information