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Discussing your Child's Progress

In September each you the Principal and Senior Management Team are delighted to welcome all new parents to the college for an evening of information and discussion.

The New Parents Evening provides an interesting and valuable opportunity to:

  • Give feedback about your son or daughter's experience of their first half-term
  • Share key information with parents about systems, staff and processes at the college
  • Ask questions parents may have
  • An opportunity to give us feedback about how any of our processes could be improved

Each student works jointly with his or her teachers or personal supervisor to regularly monitor progress against target grades for each course being studied. Whilst parents and students can discuss progress with perosnal supervisors at any stage during the year, there are also two Parents' evenings which include the discussion of a written progress report (end of Autumn Term and end of Spring Term). A parents' evenings takes place at the end of the Autumn term, provisionally in the first week of December and again in the Spring provisionally in the final week of March.  Invitations and letters will be sent close to each event, but please do not hesitate to contact us for more details through main reception.

Strike Action March 2016

Please see the attached document regarding strike day action during March and how it will affect your son/daughters lessons.


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A Successful Parents' Evening

At the last Parents' evening staff met with more than 160 parents and many came along with their sons and daughters. Regent College tracks the progress of every student five times each year and parents report that they are impressed by the feedback they receive and the guidance that we give to students. During and after every parents' evening we collect formal feedback about the guidance we offer.

Parents placed the following statements as their top five college achievements: 

  • 94.80% strongly agreed that they had been well informed about their son/daughter's progress
  • 92.20% strongly agreed that they were very satisfied that teachers and tutors have provided their son/daughter with smart actions to improve
  • 91.20% strongly agreed that there was an appropriate choice of course that met the needs and interests of their son/daughter
  • 91.40% strongly agreed that they were very satisfied with the arrangements for parents' evening
  • 91.30% strongly agreed that they were very satisfied that teachers and tutors had provided them with accurate assessments about their son/daughter

Parent Contact


All students have a Personal Supervisor at the college and are provided with support and information to help them be a successful student who can attend well and thrive.  Personal Supervisors are the main point of contact for parents or students when queries arise or infomation is needed.  Contact can be made at any time via reception and we encourage parents to build a link with the relevant Personal Supervisor for communication when necessary.

The college has a new parents' evening at the start of the year each year with invites and details posted to the home address in advance .

Course and teacher consultation evenings take place each year towards the end of the Autumn term and again in early spring


Please contact the relevan Personal Supervisor or reception for more information or if you have any concerns at any stage about welbeing, performance or progress.


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